Sustaining the Wild Coast Membership

Membership of Sustaining the Wild Coast is by invitation from the Board of Directors.

Charter for Sustaining the Wild Coast Members

As a member of SWC, I commit to:

  1. Promoting the principles of sustainable development as thought appropriate for the Wild Coast region by the residents of Pondoland, as explained in the SWC Governance Policy and Procedures document;

  2. Being accountable to SWC's stakeholders, which include the Wild Coast communities;

  3. Leading and/or participating in key initiatives in support of SWC's objectives (Governance Policy and Procedures document), such as fund-raising, tourism, education, training, etc.;

  4. Reporting in writing to the SWC Board (or ensure such reporting is done) on any initiatives under the banner of SWC in which I am involved;

  5. Uphold the highest principles of good governance incorporating openness, transparency, inclusiveness, equity, justice, integrity, diversity and sustainability at all times when representing SWC;

  6. Adhere to SWC's Governance Policy and Procedures.